The table for the 2019 school appears below – the timetable for future schools is likely to be similar.


CQF – Correlated Quantum Fluids (Derek Lee)
ELS – Electrons in Solids (Niels Walet)
SCQ – Strongly Correlated Systems (Chris Hooley)
STM – Statistical Mechanics (Richard Blythe)
QIP – Quantum Information Processing (Andrew Fisher)
SCM – Soft Condensed Matter (Buddho Chakrabarti)
MES – Mesoscopic Physics (Ed McCann)
TOP – Topological Phases of Matter (Sam Carr)

T-x – time to work through assorted problems from each lecture course, and a chance to ask further questions to the lecturers and tutors.

S-1 – Mark DennisHow to tie a (linear optical) field into a knot
S-2 – Raul SantosTopological Matter: What is it good for?
S-3 – Bartek WaclawThe Physics of Biological Evolution
S-4 – Marcin Szyniszewski Localisation, ergodicity, and quantum measurements
S-5 – Panel Discussion on Scientific Communication
S-6 – Graeme Ackland Quantum Solids, Many Worlds Interpretation and the Exchange Interaction

Poster Sessions
P-1, P-2 – you will be assigned which session you are in when you arrive at the school. Each session will begin with a one-minute introduction to each poster.